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haa! its a long ass journal entry!!!

Flogging Molly rocked so hard last night! I couldn’t handle there awesomeness… I thought that my head would explode!

I went to there concert all glam punk… holly did my makeup and hair. My makeup was just really dark cat like eyeliner and my hair was all up like a fo-hawk… I looked really cute and holly took some pictures of her handy work before I left to go meet Jacqui.

The Unseen opened the concert. They looked so cute all punked out in there Mohawks and fancy punk ass dress! They were just adorable! They sounded really good too and there a bunch of punk ass kids in the center of the floor moshing and dancing etc… there was this one punk with crooked Mohawk… it looked really funny. But anyway the Unseen were really good.

The next band were these blond skeleton suit wearing Swedish band… they were freaking hysterical… there songs were really upbeat and fun. But the lyrics really sucked… ill give you an example… um… there was this one song they sung about hating you parents… now I may not be sure about this but isn’t that called teen angst and isn’t this Swedish guy a little too old to be singing about it… he was like 25 or something. But anyway they were super amusing!


It was freaking awesome! Everyone went nuts for them. Everyone started moshing and stuff and I was all like “wholly shit” I didn’t expect it to happen so suddenly. But it was all good. Me and Jacqui danced and bounced and moshed and got pushed around and pushed other people around and it was super fun… flogging molly played there bestest tunes, I cant really remember which songs that well but if I was listening to them I would recognize it… maybe ill make a list… but that’s too time consuming… just take my word for how awesome it was!!!

I got super hot and tired and hurt during Flogging Molly. Someone smashed my ribs! They still hurt!

After flogging molly me a Jacqui went up to the balcony where we watched the headlining band Mellincolin. They were really good and as it turned out I knew who they were and I was singing along with some of there songs… it was weird! I think I have there CD, but I bought it way back in the day. But anyway me and Jacqui watched them little people from above. They were going insane and stuff! I can’t believe they still had the energy to mosh and stuff after Flogging Molly. Yea… they were really enjoyable too!

During the Mellincolin set me and Jacqui went to the booth where they sell band stuff and I got some stuff for me and that blood relative person of mine who lives in Johnstown NY… (I don’t know why she would choose to live there). But anyways I got her something I know she’ll love. but while we were at the booth Jacqui asked the Flogging Molly sales lady if she knows how we could meet the members of the bad… and she told us… >.<

After the show me and Jacqui wandered around the building looking for this “ally” while wandering we saw some stupid people playing around on this van… it was funny! Then we got McDonalds! Damn McDonalds for not serving hamburgers after 11pm!!! I had to settle for Chicken McNuggets!

After filling are tummies with killer greasy food we went toward this ally way where we saw a bunch of cases full of band equipment! So we waited around there and while we were waiting around the ally way for the Flogging Molly people we met some interesting people! There was the Flogging Molly sound guy who talked to us for a bit then we talked to this guy with a septum piercing and these really kewl plugs with stars inside them. And then we talked to his girlfriend. This was her first ever punk show… she would normally listen to rap and R&B music… hmm…

During this time of hanging out in the ally I got some signatures of the peoples in the Unseen, and random Swedish band! And the lead singer from that band asked me if I had any pot… there was actually a reason why he asked me that! But no… I do not smoke! The reason why I think he asked me this is because sometimes my words don’t work… like I talk but I don’t make any… now I mean any! Sense… its like you sort of understand what I am babbling about but at the same time you are not too sure… he probably figured out what I wanted by seeing me hold out my ticket stub and a pen… haa! That was kind of funny and unexpected for me… because no one has ever asked me that!

But anyway I got 5 signatures of the Flogging Molly people! I couldn’t see 2 of them other peoples… for all I know they could have walked right by me… hmm… the funny thing about them Flogging Molly people is that neither me or Jacqui could figure out who they were… they looked like normal, ordinary people… but the funny story is this… the drummer was standing right next to us and we were sort of chatting and then he asked us if we wanted him to sign it (the it is a secret) cause… after all he was the drummer! And we were all like… YES!!! And he did and after that we just had to sort of figure out who was with Flogging Molly and who was… not. It was super difficult! Arg… but we tried never the less!

I also got a lot of complements on my hair during the night… it was really interesting how many people liked it… also, the people you wouldn’t expect to like my hair seemed to really enjoy it!

By the time all them peoples got on the Bus and left and me and Jacqui stopped talking to our new friends the tube was already closed so… I slept over at Jacqui’s house! I slept on the couch with my hair all awesome and my makeup still on… and I smelled really bad… all stinky and stuff!

But the next morning I threw on my new flogging molly tee. And Jacqui made pancakes and guess what… SHE HAD MAPLE SERUP!!! They don’t have that stuff here!!! it was so yummy. But I soon had to leave, so I got my stuff and tanked her for letting me sleep on de couch and went to my house to get my books and stuff for my millinery class… and class was interesting… I am almost done with my hat I just need to buy a couple of things and finish it off and poof!!! I got me a hat designed and made by me!!! Tee hee!

Nobody knew or even noticed how nasty I was today in class… haza!!!

My makeup and hawk lasted through both the pit and sleep! I am so proud of it!

Don’t worry after class I showered so now it’s all good.

Got another class later today… I won’t have the hawk for that class… I miss it… it was so cute!
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