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my weekend here in london

Yesterday me and Jacqui went to this British anime convention! It was really interesting. I never had been to a anime convention before so I was super pumped and excited to be there. Jacqui made friends with the doll people, and I got my picture taken will this crazy psycho killer man. There were also a lot of cosplayers. I saw people dressed as the military people from FMA and Vash from Trigun, there were a lot of narutos and that main short character from FMA. Yep there were lots of people there. A lot of the costumes looked like crap, but there were a few that looked totally awesome! I want to cosplay now! And I bet if I did I would be the bestest cosplayer ever! Even though me and Jacqui weren’t cosplaying people were asking us if they could take pictures of us. We were all kewl about it and like sure.

Ooooooooo! You wanna know what I was wearing! I was wearing cream and tan argyle stockings, blue legwarmers, my super high healed brow shoes, one of holly’s super short skirts, a green hello kitty tee, and maroon and pink argyle cardigan, and my black jacket. I was also wearing pink pearls and a bunch of shiny bracelets. And I had my hair done up in one of them lady type fo-hawk. I looked really hot!

After the convention me and Jacqui went our separate ways and I went home to do stuff… I ended up planning a costume for the costume party we were supposes to have that same night. I decided on being a “my little pony”. (I didn’t look like a pony though) but anyway people came and were all like getting ready in our flat, it took them forever to get ready too. So I was just hanging out with the ones that were already ready. Me a Jacqui played war and I won the war!!! After like forevers and some people left to do other stuff we were all finally ready.

We went to Soho, there was a bunch of gay bars and DJ seemed to really want to go to one but Tessa really wanted a straight one so she asked the club/bar people if their club/bar was a gay or straight club/bar. Tessa was the one that found this really cute looking straight club type place. But it was so crowded there and we tried to dance there but the room was so small and there was just too many people it didn’t really work so we eventually left that place and went to this pub/bar type place.

This place we got in for free cause “Umma” knew the bartender. I was so happy about that. When I first walked in this 30 year old man stops me and says “I’ve been waiting all night for you” so I say back to him “ohh yea… sorry I’m so late” and I keep on walking by towards the bar. So… I get a ½ pt of cider and was dancing around trying to stay close to holly because she was not feeling well and I didn’t want to leave her alone. Then this one Brit came up to me and was all like “you’re a gorgeous girl, you know that” he kept on talking and I didn’t really understand what he was saying. Every so often I heard “in it” or something… but I just kept agreeing with him on how gorgeous I was and he eventually left me alone. When the bar started closing, there were these guys that started chanting “USA USA USA USA” it was super weird and scary. Me and shana looked at each other and were like we got to get out of here. so we go to leave when I see Abby talking to this really cute guy. I walk over and start talking and this is how he figured out I was an American. He said I didn’t look like one, so I was like “okay…” but we talked for a while and he was holding my hand and well… he was really sweet and cute. We exchanged numbers and this morning we were exchanging text messages. He asked me if I got home alright. Which I did…

man… he was really cute. Okay I’ll tell you how cute… Imagine me, my height, my skinniness and my face… now imagine of me as a man but with dark brown hair… and that’s what he looks like!

when we finnaly got home and me nell shana and holly stayed up till 430 am talking bout random stuff. mostly gossip, i now know everybodys buisness. just kidding.

And this concludes last night!

This morning I hung out with my cousin! I haven’t seen him in like forever. He told me the last time he saw me I was 8 years old and very little. I didn’t even recognize him and he didn’t recognize me at first. But then it was all good. I met his girlfriend. She refused to speak English, but that’s okay… he called her a stubborn woman... hee hee... I thought it was funny. So we went to oxford and I showed them were I go to school and then he got us ice cream and then we walked towards big Ben and watched this random changing of guard in this random place. there were horses involved. and then we walked to the queen’s palace. It was interesting. He then invited me to go to Brighton with him and his girlfriend. I asked if I could bring a friend because I knew Nell wanted to go. He said it was okay. So next Sunday I am going to Brighton.

So that was my weekend in a nutshell. Now I am gonna try to write paper #2 and maybe later sleep! Gosh darn corsetry!
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