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my weekend adventure in wales

This past weekend I went to Wales with a bunch of other students who are in a similar study abroad program. Now let me tell you something… this past weekend was so freaken EXTREAM!
It began friday afternoon where we all piled up on a train heading to Wales. While on the train we ate our junk food and drank our wine (we came prepared for the long train ride). When we finally arrived it was past 10 pm. and very dark and they had dinner ready for us. It was so good; all home made and stuff… deliciousness! We then drank some beer and such and hung out until we got all sleepy and went to bed.
Let me tell you something about our sleeping arrangements because it is rather funny. They had the 4 boys sleeping down stairs in there own room and the 11 girls slept up stairs. We had 11 girls in 1 room there were like 11 beds in this one tiny room. Two triple bunk beds, two regular beds and a loft style thingy with 3 beds pushed together up there. But we all managed happily there. It was like a massive sleep over!
So anyway, the next morning we all woke up bright and early and realized that we were in the middle of nowhere, there were sheep and cows and lots of farm land and grass! The first activity I was signed up for was the 8 mile hike along the shore (shore = cliff edge). Abby, Natalie, Holly, DJ, and I all walked in the back of our hiking group. We got separated from the and sort of got lost for like a minute and then we found our way and realized how far back we were. On our hike we saw lots of sheep, cows and horses. We also saw lots of water and cliffs and dogs. Everybody and there grandfather was walking there dogs along the cliff’s path. That hike was really intense because there were so many hills, rain, mud and so much wind. There were times where you could lean heavily into the wind and not fall. The wind would even push you up the hill. It was really insane! But we eventually found our way back to the lodge and ate our lunch.
The second activity of Saturday was kayaking. Now this activity totally amused me. We had to get into these things called “kits” also know as wet suits and wind breaker and life vests… you know that sort of thing. Now my wet suite, I think…looked really funny on me. The other thing about this trip is that there were a lot of water activities and I did not bring any baiting suits. Not only that but I didn’t pack enough stuff. I only had I pair of jeans and 2 tee’s and a jacket and a hoodie and pajama pants, and that was it. I even only brought 1 towel. I should have know better… so anyway during the entire time this instructor guy is trying to teach us how to not die in our kayak I am off somewhere laughing at my self and my orange kayak. Since it was too windy and the ocean was too deadly we went inland to do our dangerous kayaking! Once there I tried to paddle away but found myself paddling in a circle and going nowhere fast. Not only that but I was hitting other kayakers, not just hitting them like you would with bumper cars but I also smacked this one girl in the face with my paddle. I felt so bad but… Jesus I’m going to hell… so anyway we played water polo with our kayaks and it was fun and I got crazy completive and the red team (my team) won! We then went down the side of the lake’s bank in our kayaks and splashed around a bit. Then at the end of the thingy we all jumped into the freezing lake water from a small cliff. It was so fun. And for some reason the instructor guy remembered my name and kept saying “cheers” to me… I liked him… he amused me too!
When we got home we got home all wet and cold. We all showered (we got there before the coaststearers so we didn’t have to wait! Then waited for dinner and hung out and stuff. After dinner we all went out both Marymount and BU people. We walked in the dark to the pub up the road. The pub was really fun and we all hung out and drank our beers… good times…
The next morning we went coastearing! Now this activity is the shiznit! I don’t know how exactly to explain this to you but… well you have these two instructors who are there to tell you what to do, where you go and are also there with there medical backpack in case you get hurt. Now we began with getting suited up, we wore these hard core wet suits that were like 5 mm thick and a bunch of other gear like helmets and live vests, we had to wear our trainers in the water because we were climbing sharp rocks too. So we began this thing by swimming out into the ocean and then climbing onto some rocks that were peaking out of the water. Now the ocean was really choppy and we were all being thrown around by the water at some point or another. We all managed to climb up onto the rocks and move form one group of rocks to another. Thank heaven no one got seriously hurt. But once we got past them crazy rocks we came to an abandoned quarry were it was joined by the sea and full of really steep cliffs and had really deep water. This is where we jumped off the cliffs. Now that was really insane. We had to climb out of the water up the side of these cliffs and then jump off. While we were there we saw a couple of seals. This one that was only a few feet away from us was a seal pup, it wasn’t that young, and it was losing its baby fluff. But it was still super cute and was watching us jump off the cliffs. By the end of this activity I was exhausted. I couldn’t and I still can’t believe I did those things.
Not long after getting back to the lodge we packed up and left. I slept most of the way back home. But I wouldn’t trade anything for the things I experienced here in Wales. I would do it all again in a heart beat.
I encourage anyone who can to do these things, to do it, don’t let anything or anyone hold you back.
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