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yea... today this guy came up to me and asked me if i was Polish. i told him "not really" cause he needed someone to translate something for him. i cant read or speak Polish. but it just makes me wonder. how can you tell what nationality or decent a person is. i can never really tell cause i guess i never took time to look at the differences. hmm. it was weird...

so... if you read nell's lj post she mentioned i got waisted last saturday. i did. and i had fun doing it too!

mwaa haa haa!

but i don't remember much after the last beer... i've only heard the stories that other people tell me... and all i can say is that i was really waisted.

classes started this past monday, i got so much work to do but i'm super pumped. i'm gonna learn how to make a proper corset that'll last me 20 years. and i'm gonna make a hat too in my millinery class... i need to get a thimble... ohh yea so anyway... umm... all my professors seem really nifty. like my millinery professor talked to me and holly after class about a fetish type shop and a glass vibrator. i saw the glass vibrator and some other ones later the same day cause i just needed to see it... it was the most amazing thing i ever did see!

see you homies on the flip side!!!
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