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dancing puppy
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Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
12:44 am
Image hosting by Photobucket

todays my birthday!
deana made me this cake!
Tuesday, March 28th, 2006
12:04 am
look! see! i have new hair!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

i like it!

Current Mood: okay
Saturday, February 11th, 2006
2:13 am
jesus christ!
its 2 am and my suit-mate is next door smoking pot or has smoked pot sometime during the night...! it reeks in the bathroom... but not my room... yet... i am annoyed!

i'm gonna go to sleep... with the window opened!

Current Mood: annoyed
Thursday, February 9th, 2006
8:34 pm
... i've got noting to say...
Monday, January 30th, 2006
11:46 am
shut up and let me eat my EUROs in peace!
Saturday, December 17th, 2005
7:22 pm
le sigh... i am feeling trapped. ever since i came back home all i have been doing is unpacking, recovering from jet lag, and watching christmas cartoons (which i must say put me in the holiday spirit). i am super board, i got no car, and this silly internet thingie is super slow! it took me about 30 or 40 minutes to get it to work properly. i am frustrated most of all! i guess i am happy to be home, i wrapped all the christmas presents i got my family and now i am just waiting for christmas. and from what i hear it wont be all to exciting either. as usual its gonna be just the 4 of us, my sister is coming down for christmas eve and then leaving christmas day cause of her jobie thing. there is absolutely nothing to do out here in the boonies! i hate the country!

who wants to hang out after christmas! i can most definitely say i am free!

Current Mood: frustrated
Friday, December 2nd, 2005
11:37 am
i found rainbow brite on dvd here! i am super excited i just had to rent it! and now i am gonna watch it! horay!

Current Mood: dorky
Thursday, December 1st, 2005
10:16 am
in 11 days...
Hmm… tomorrow I graduate from the London collage of fashion! I am happy that I completed the courses and made some kick ass stuff but I don’t want to leave london. I really like it here and I am not looking forward to leaving. Everyone else I know is really excited to go home and see there family and friends, and even my parents seem really really excited about me returning home… but I am not. I fell like… hmm… I don’t know. I just don’t want to go back home yet, I just wish that I could have stayed here a little longer, that’s all.

Current Mood: sad
Monday, November 28th, 2005
5:39 pm
hey at least i worked my magic on my internet thingie
my head hurts...

school is difficult...

Saturday, November 26th, 2005
1:25 pm
Okay so a lot has happened since the last time i wrote in this lj thingie of mine. I went to Ireland this past weekend, and if I could ever figure out how to post pictures on lj I will. Dublin was beautiful and I was all sickly and stuff throughout the holiday. But I still managed to have fun. We didn’t stay in Dublin the whole weekend we took a day trip to Howth where holly, Ali and Jacqui all ate a pie on a pier. Cause Howth is a ocean, fishing type town or something. ooo! And I know that a couple of them ladies out there would be proud of me for seeing the new Harry potter movie in Dublin. We meant to go see in on Friday, you know the day it came out but we got to the theatre too late so we ended up going on Saturday. And I have to say I really enjoyed this movie. i do believe that this goblet of fire movie is the best Harry potter movie ever!

But enough about Ireland. It was fun and all. But this past Thursday was thanksgiving and all we study abroad students and a bartek celebrated it in flat A (our flat). It was really interesting. It took forever to cook the turkey and to thaw it out apparently. (I was sleeping throughout that part) well everyone cooked something and it was all-good) I had lots of fun. There was wine and beer and soda. All that good stuff. I do believe I got tipsy enough to let the cat out of the bag... no one will ever understand that will they... not even I understand that but everyone says that now. it all started when I drew this picture and then everyone was saying these things... I don’t get it... oooooooo! And on thanksgiving because it took forever to cook the dinner we ended up eating at 10 at night and people stayed over until morning hours and Abby ended up sleeping in the nest/couch thing we made for her...

And now tonight is holly’s birthday. She is turning 21. So happy birthday holly. And we are having a seep over party at our flat tonight. Everyone is invited for the birthday funness. Its gonna be interesting and I am sure everyone will flight over the nest we made. (Its the most comfortable thing we have in our flat now!) I spent all of Friday in the nest watching TV and spray-painting my hat... (Don’t ask)... so yea... that is my life... and my internet still isn’t really working in my flat so I is here in the computer lab again... good times... yea!

Current Mood: mellow
Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
3:40 pm
arg... my computer is all stupid and now i am at a internet cafe. arg... well. as it turned out i was already registered for classes even though that silly thingie told me i was not eligible to do so.

hmm... i really need to ask or find someone who would be willing to find out what is wrong and fix that silly machine!!! it makes me so angry that my computer finally crapped out!!! arg!!!

who knows anything about computers!!!


i feel yucky i am all sickly and icky!!! i need to not be sickly, cause i got super amounts of projects to do for skool and i am also going on holiday this weekend with holly, jacqui, and alli... its gonna be an adventure... a sickly adventure if i dont get well soon!

okies i got 15 minutes left! i want to use my time on this computer to its fullest...

so... whats new with you?

Current Mood: aggravated
Thursday, November 10th, 2005
11:12 am
i am not a groupie!
Yesterday started off rather normal with the class thing and the museum thing… etc… but for this particular Wednesday night both me and holly had tickets to go see the bloodhound gang… you remember them… they were the ones who had that one hit… the bad touch… mammals… discovery channel… ahh… you know who I’m talking about.

So anyway me and holly took a nap, woke up, and then got all dolled up to go see them. We got there at exactly 7, which was the time which they were opening the doors, when we get there the line to get in wrapped around the corner down a dark alleyway around another corner towards subway. It was freakishly long, and we were even amazed at how many people were going to this show on a weeknight.

But we get inside and coat checks our stuff and check out this opening band called the luck nine. They were British… or so I think… but they were really good. They were all screamo and such.

The next band was a j-rock band, Electric Eel Shock… they were all like “you bastards” they were freaking hysterical! I loved them. They were super cute and so tiny! They played a couple of black Sabbath covers. But… yea… them little j-rockers… ooooooo! They even sang in English! And they speak English very well too. Hooray for the afro wearing lead singer and the naked drummer!

And just before there set there was this kid who was all like “yea! Electric eel shock!” I started talking to him and soon me and holly became friends with all them boys and friends of them boys. They were all really interesting. There were these two boys who we hung out with the most. I think there names were Sam and Luke. Luke was really cute he had 2 lip rings… I really wanted to kiss him. He had one of them kissable faces. Both Sam and Luke kept kissing each other and playing with each others faces. They had a really odd relationship. I took a picture of Luke and Sam kissing… I hope it comes out! Holly talked to them the mostest. I do believe they liked her.

Then the bloodhound gang came on… finally! They were really funny. They were making fun of the balcony people and the people on the ground floor were all dancing and pushing and stuff! I jumped in the pit a couple of times but after my pink plastic necklace broke I sort of stopped and just danced around a bit. I really enjoyed the bloodhound gang’s sets. They were really awesome live! I got to urge all you peoples back home to go see them live! You’ll love them!

After the concert Holly lost those two boys Luke and Sam, she was really kicking herself for not getting their info (phone numbers, emails etc…) too… but whatever. So me and holly go to McDonalds and get ourselves some foods stuff and sit on the steps of Astoria eating our fries and chicken McNuggets! Then this dude walks up to me and mumbles something to me. I don’t understand so I say what? Huh? But then I realize he is trying to sell me pot! And I was all like eww! No! Go away! Which he does. Once finished with our lovely meal of greasy goodness we go out in search of random band members to get them to sign stuff!

While hanging out in the smelly alleyway waiting for the bloodhound gang to come out we meet these two other dudes who are all British and such. We hung out with them for a bit and talked about them fake British gangsters. While hanging out and waiting I got the Electric Eel Shock dudes to sign my CD thingy. The drummer guy wrote my name in Japanese. Or so he tells me… But eventually some guys leave the venue. And as it turns out one of them is the DJ for the bloodhound gang.

So one of the technicians gives me a beer and they take us to this small ass bar/club type place. They pay for our cover and we hang out with them. The DJ guy was super wasted. We tried talking to him… but… it just didn’t work. So we ended up hanging out with the drum and guitar technicians. They were both really kewl in different ways. The drummer kept teasing me… I guess I am easy to tease… but I would like to say, I AM NOT A BITCH!!! So… The drum dude was all like, let’s do shots! So I did like 1 vodka shot… and it burns. Then he bought me a beer. The guitar dude gave both me and holly guitar picks. He was straight edge, so he and holly just hung out not drinking, just talking. The dudes that we met out in the alley came and hung out for a bit but then they left.

But dude! These guys were super awesome. They had stories about all them band peoples; they apparently have been friends with the bloodhound gang guys since…well… forever… like since they were younger…oooooooo! And the drummer guy was the drummer for Visions of disorder! They both had really interesting stories to tell.

By about 2am me and holly and them dudes leave the bar to go back to where ever it was we were all going to. The guitar guy was nice and walked (well… skateboarded) me and holly to the bus stop and waited with us until the bus came. Then we said bye and went our separate ways. But before we both split holly gave the guitar dude her info so… maybe we will hang out with them today… cause after all today is there day off!

Once we got home we ended up telling Nell about our night and then we tried to do our homework. But that didn’t really work so we ended up going to sleep at around 5 am! Yea! We don’t need sleep! 2 hours is all I really need! Class this morning was really fun and dangerous because of this lack of sleep! (The skin on my fingers is falling off again) ouch! Millinery is not as easy as it sounds!

Current Mood: sleepy
Thursday, November 3rd, 2005
9:55 am
haa! its a long ass journal entry!!!
Flogging Molly rocked so hard last night! I couldn’t handle there awesomeness… I thought that my head would explode!

I went to there concert all glam punk… holly did my makeup and hair. My makeup was just really dark cat like eyeliner and my hair was all up like a fo-hawk… I looked really cute and holly took some pictures of her handy work before I left to go meet Jacqui.

The Unseen opened the concert. They looked so cute all punked out in there Mohawks and fancy punk ass dress! They were just adorable! They sounded really good too and there a bunch of punk ass kids in the center of the floor moshing and dancing etc… there was this one punk with crooked Mohawk… it looked really funny. But anyway the Unseen were really good.

The next band were these blond skeleton suit wearing Swedish band… they were freaking hysterical… there songs were really upbeat and fun. But the lyrics really sucked… ill give you an example… um… there was this one song they sung about hating you parents… now I may not be sure about this but isn’t that called teen angst and isn’t this Swedish guy a little too old to be singing about it… he was like 25 or something. But anyway they were super amusing!


It was freaking awesome! Everyone went nuts for them. Everyone started moshing and stuff and I was all like “wholly shit” I didn’t expect it to happen so suddenly. But it was all good. Me and Jacqui danced and bounced and moshed and got pushed around and pushed other people around and it was super fun… flogging molly played there bestest tunes, I cant really remember which songs that well but if I was listening to them I would recognize it… maybe ill make a list… but that’s too time consuming… just take my word for how awesome it was!!!

I got super hot and tired and hurt during Flogging Molly. Someone smashed my ribs! They still hurt!

After flogging molly me a Jacqui went up to the balcony where we watched the headlining band Mellincolin. They were really good and as it turned out I knew who they were and I was singing along with some of there songs… it was weird! I think I have there CD, but I bought it way back in the day. But anyway me and Jacqui watched them little people from above. They were going insane and stuff! I can’t believe they still had the energy to mosh and stuff after Flogging Molly. Yea… they were really enjoyable too!

During the Mellincolin set me and Jacqui went to the booth where they sell band stuff and I got some stuff for me and that blood relative person of mine who lives in Johnstown NY… (I don’t know why she would choose to live there). But anyways I got her something I know she’ll love. but while we were at the booth Jacqui asked the Flogging Molly sales lady if she knows how we could meet the members of the bad… and she told us… >.<

After the show me and Jacqui wandered around the building looking for this “ally” while wandering we saw some stupid people playing around on this van… it was funny! Then we got McDonalds! Damn McDonalds for not serving hamburgers after 11pm!!! I had to settle for Chicken McNuggets!

After filling are tummies with killer greasy food we went toward this ally way where we saw a bunch of cases full of band equipment! So we waited around there and while we were waiting around the ally way for the Flogging Molly people we met some interesting people! There was the Flogging Molly sound guy who talked to us for a bit then we talked to this guy with a septum piercing and these really kewl plugs with stars inside them. And then we talked to his girlfriend. This was her first ever punk show… she would normally listen to rap and R&B music… hmm…

During this time of hanging out in the ally I got some signatures of the peoples in the Unseen, and random Swedish band! And the lead singer from that band asked me if I had any pot… there was actually a reason why he asked me that! But no… I do not smoke! The reason why I think he asked me this is because sometimes my words don’t work… like I talk but I don’t make any… now I mean any! Sense… its like you sort of understand what I am babbling about but at the same time you are not too sure… he probably figured out what I wanted by seeing me hold out my ticket stub and a pen… haa! That was kind of funny and unexpected for me… because no one has ever asked me that!

But anyway I got 5 signatures of the Flogging Molly people! I couldn’t see 2 of them other peoples… for all I know they could have walked right by me… hmm… the funny thing about them Flogging Molly people is that neither me or Jacqui could figure out who they were… they looked like normal, ordinary people… but the funny story is this… the drummer was standing right next to us and we were sort of chatting and then he asked us if we wanted him to sign it (the it is a secret) cause… after all he was the drummer! And we were all like… YES!!! And he did and after that we just had to sort of figure out who was with Flogging Molly and who was… not. It was super difficult! Arg… but we tried never the less!

I also got a lot of complements on my hair during the night… it was really interesting how many people liked it… also, the people you wouldn’t expect to like my hair seemed to really enjoy it!

By the time all them peoples got on the Bus and left and me and Jacqui stopped talking to our new friends the tube was already closed so… I slept over at Jacqui’s house! I slept on the couch with my hair all awesome and my makeup still on… and I smelled really bad… all stinky and stuff!

But the next morning I threw on my new flogging molly tee. And Jacqui made pancakes and guess what… SHE HAD MAPLE SERUP!!! They don’t have that stuff here!!! it was so yummy. But I soon had to leave, so I got my stuff and tanked her for letting me sleep on de couch and went to my house to get my books and stuff for my millinery class… and class was interesting… I am almost done with my hat I just need to buy a couple of things and finish it off and poof!!! I got me a hat designed and made by me!!! Tee hee!

Nobody knew or even noticed how nasty I was today in class… haza!!!

My makeup and hawk lasted through both the pit and sleep! I am so proud of it!

Don’t worry after class I showered so now it’s all good.

Got another class later today… I won’t have the hawk for that class… I miss it… it was so cute!

Current Mood: exhausted
Sunday, October 30th, 2005
10:59 am
my weekend here in london
Yesterday me and Jacqui went to this British anime convention! It was really interesting. I never had been to a anime convention before so I was super pumped and excited to be there. Jacqui made friends with the doll people, and I got my picture taken will this crazy psycho killer man. There were also a lot of cosplayers. I saw people dressed as the military people from FMA and Vash from Trigun, there were a lot of narutos and that main short character from FMA. Yep there were lots of people there. A lot of the costumes looked like crap, but there were a few that looked totally awesome! I want to cosplay now! And I bet if I did I would be the bestest cosplayer ever! Even though me and Jacqui weren’t cosplaying people were asking us if they could take pictures of us. We were all kewl about it and like sure.

Ooooooooo! You wanna know what I was wearing! I was wearing cream and tan argyle stockings, blue legwarmers, my super high healed brow shoes, one of holly’s super short skirts, a green hello kitty tee, and maroon and pink argyle cardigan, and my black jacket. I was also wearing pink pearls and a bunch of shiny bracelets. And I had my hair done up in one of them lady type fo-hawk. I looked really hot!

After the convention me and Jacqui went our separate ways and I went home to do stuff… I ended up planning a costume for the costume party we were supposes to have that same night. I decided on being a “my little pony”. (I didn’t look like a pony though) but anyway people came and were all like getting ready in our flat, it took them forever to get ready too. So I was just hanging out with the ones that were already ready. Me a Jacqui played war and I won the war!!! After like forevers and some people left to do other stuff we were all finally ready.

We went to Soho, there was a bunch of gay bars and DJ seemed to really want to go to one but Tessa really wanted a straight one so she asked the club/bar people if their club/bar was a gay or straight club/bar. Tessa was the one that found this really cute looking straight club type place. But it was so crowded there and we tried to dance there but the room was so small and there was just too many people it didn’t really work so we eventually left that place and went to this pub/bar type place.

This place we got in for free cause “Umma” knew the bartender. I was so happy about that. When I first walked in this 30 year old man stops me and says “I’ve been waiting all night for you” so I say back to him “ohh yea… sorry I’m so late” and I keep on walking by towards the bar. So… I get a ½ pt of cider and was dancing around trying to stay close to holly because she was not feeling well and I didn’t want to leave her alone. Then this one Brit came up to me and was all like “you’re a gorgeous girl, you know that” he kept on talking and I didn’t really understand what he was saying. Every so often I heard “in it” or something… but I just kept agreeing with him on how gorgeous I was and he eventually left me alone. When the bar started closing, there were these guys that started chanting “USA USA USA USA” it was super weird and scary. Me and shana looked at each other and were like we got to get out of here. so we go to leave when I see Abby talking to this really cute guy. I walk over and start talking and this is how he figured out I was an American. He said I didn’t look like one, so I was like “okay…” but we talked for a while and he was holding my hand and well… he was really sweet and cute. We exchanged numbers and this morning we were exchanging text messages. He asked me if I got home alright. Which I did…

man… he was really cute. Okay I’ll tell you how cute… Imagine me, my height, my skinniness and my face… now imagine of me as a man but with dark brown hair… and that’s what he looks like!

when we finnaly got home and me nell shana and holly stayed up till 430 am talking bout random stuff. mostly gossip, i now know everybodys buisness. just kidding.

And this concludes last night!

This morning I hung out with my cousin! I haven’t seen him in like forever. He told me the last time he saw me I was 8 years old and very little. I didn’t even recognize him and he didn’t recognize me at first. But then it was all good. I met his girlfriend. She refused to speak English, but that’s okay… he called her a stubborn woman... hee hee... I thought it was funny. So we went to oxford and I showed them were I go to school and then he got us ice cream and then we walked towards big Ben and watched this random changing of guard in this random place. there were horses involved. and then we walked to the queen’s palace. It was interesting. He then invited me to go to Brighton with him and his girlfriend. I asked if I could bring a friend because I knew Nell wanted to go. He said it was okay. So next Sunday I am going to Brighton.

So that was my weekend in a nutshell. Now I am gonna try to write paper #2 and maybe later sleep! Gosh darn corsetry!

Current Mood: sleepy
Thursday, October 27th, 2005
8:42 pm
sleepy blah blah time
okie dokie... so i am now back from paris... i have been back for a couple of days now and i still can't seem to find the time to write in this journal thingie about my adventures there. i guess its because i had so many i don't know where to stare... besides having 2 papers due doesn't really help. i sort of finished 1 paper and i got another one to start... gosh darn research! i cant handel papers. thats why i am a fashion major! i can design and make the most beautiful gowns but i cant freaking spell for beans! its super frustrating.

but yea paris was fun... the city was beautiful... i had lots of adventures... and the people who live in paris are butt monkeys!!!

enjoy your day peoples!

Current Mood: blah
Thursday, October 13th, 2005
5:13 pm
butter balls! (i am not going to spell check this so deal with it)
firstly i need to say i am not gonna spell check this so every one dont strain youself tryting to read this.

this past weekend the drama kids and the other kids (fashion, and other fordham study abroad majors) went to wenchester and stone henge. stone henge was sort of amazing but also horribly boaring, there were rocks but we werent allowed near them. we had to stay on this path that circled the rocks. tessa ran up to the henge and got her picture taken of her in the henge. but soon after this man came out of nowhere and esscorted her out. but i have to say she got the bestest picture of her and the henge. after the henge we went to wenchester. now let me tell you of the beauty of this city. every thing was so old and historicly beautiful. there were flowers and a small river and these duck-swan looking birds. its such a beautiful town. we also went into the wenchester cathedral. this place has such beautiful archetecture, there were crazy amounts of carvings and such, so much details and there were bunches of people burried under the church. everywhere i walked i read on the slait the names of the people burried here. there were also these above ground stone grave like tingies. they were beautiful in a weird sort of way too. but the strangest thing that happened ever to me is when i went into the cathedral's cript i took a picture of this statue that was a distance away from me, i couldent walk into this place cause there was a spikie fence in my way so i just took a picture. but anyway when i loaded up the picture there were 5 light orbs in it. now i watch lots of them ghost story thingies so i know that these things are sighns of supernatural activity and i got really excited!

my fingers are sore, missing skin and blead for a bit. in my corsetry, draping, and millinery class i work with materials that do this to hands. lots of pin work. pins are horrible, they distroy my hands and hurt them alot. i wish they wouldnt do that. i got a thimble but it only protects one of my fingers the rest are left to fend for themselves... its so sad. and what makes it funny is that i am typing and feeling the hurting! maybe i souldnt write my paper right now maybe i sould not be looking for a cheep flight to dublin... but i want to go so badly! so ill be off for now searching for modes of transport to this place...

ooooooooooooooooooooo! im going to paris this wednesday! ill be shure to write about it and post my pictures on myspace!

Current Mood: sore
Monday, October 3rd, 2005
9:36 am
my weekend adventure in wales
This past weekend I went to Wales with a bunch of other students who are in a similar study abroad program. Now let me tell you something… this past weekend was so freaken EXTREAM!
It began friday afternoon where we all piled up on a train heading to Wales. While on the train we ate our junk food and drank our wine (we came prepared for the long train ride). When we finally arrived it was past 10 pm. and very dark and they had dinner ready for us. It was so good; all home made and stuff… deliciousness! We then drank some beer and such and hung out until we got all sleepy and went to bed.
Let me tell you something about our sleeping arrangements because it is rather funny. They had the 4 boys sleeping down stairs in there own room and the 11 girls slept up stairs. We had 11 girls in 1 room there were like 11 beds in this one tiny room. Two triple bunk beds, two regular beds and a loft style thingy with 3 beds pushed together up there. But we all managed happily there. It was like a massive sleep over!
So anyway, the next morning we all woke up bright and early and realized that we were in the middle of nowhere, there were sheep and cows and lots of farm land and grass! The first activity I was signed up for was the 8 mile hike along the shore (shore = cliff edge). Abby, Natalie, Holly, DJ, and I all walked in the back of our hiking group. We got separated from the and sort of got lost for like a minute and then we found our way and realized how far back we were. On our hike we saw lots of sheep, cows and horses. We also saw lots of water and cliffs and dogs. Everybody and there grandfather was walking there dogs along the cliff’s path. That hike was really intense because there were so many hills, rain, mud and so much wind. There were times where you could lean heavily into the wind and not fall. The wind would even push you up the hill. It was really insane! But we eventually found our way back to the lodge and ate our lunch.
The second activity of Saturday was kayaking. Now this activity totally amused me. We had to get into these things called “kits” also know as wet suits and wind breaker and life vests… you know that sort of thing. Now my wet suite, I think…looked really funny on me. The other thing about this trip is that there were a lot of water activities and I did not bring any baiting suits. Not only that but I didn’t pack enough stuff. I only had I pair of jeans and 2 tee’s and a jacket and a hoodie and pajama pants, and that was it. I even only brought 1 towel. I should have know better… so anyway during the entire time this instructor guy is trying to teach us how to not die in our kayak I am off somewhere laughing at my self and my orange kayak. Since it was too windy and the ocean was too deadly we went inland to do our dangerous kayaking! Once there I tried to paddle away but found myself paddling in a circle and going nowhere fast. Not only that but I was hitting other kayakers, not just hitting them like you would with bumper cars but I also smacked this one girl in the face with my paddle. I felt so bad but… Jesus I’m going to hell… so anyway we played water polo with our kayaks and it was fun and I got crazy completive and the red team (my team) won! We then went down the side of the lake’s bank in our kayaks and splashed around a bit. Then at the end of the thingy we all jumped into the freezing lake water from a small cliff. It was so fun. And for some reason the instructor guy remembered my name and kept saying “cheers” to me… I liked him… he amused me too!
When we got home we got home all wet and cold. We all showered (we got there before the coaststearers so we didn’t have to wait! Then waited for dinner and hung out and stuff. After dinner we all went out both Marymount and BU people. We walked in the dark to the pub up the road. The pub was really fun and we all hung out and drank our beers… good times…
The next morning we went coastearing! Now this activity is the shiznit! I don’t know how exactly to explain this to you but… well you have these two instructors who are there to tell you what to do, where you go and are also there with there medical backpack in case you get hurt. Now we began with getting suited up, we wore these hard core wet suits that were like 5 mm thick and a bunch of other gear like helmets and live vests, we had to wear our trainers in the water because we were climbing sharp rocks too. So we began this thing by swimming out into the ocean and then climbing onto some rocks that were peaking out of the water. Now the ocean was really choppy and we were all being thrown around by the water at some point or another. We all managed to climb up onto the rocks and move form one group of rocks to another. Thank heaven no one got seriously hurt. But once we got past them crazy rocks we came to an abandoned quarry were it was joined by the sea and full of really steep cliffs and had really deep water. This is where we jumped off the cliffs. Now that was really insane. We had to climb out of the water up the side of these cliffs and then jump off. While we were there we saw a couple of seals. This one that was only a few feet away from us was a seal pup, it wasn’t that young, and it was losing its baby fluff. But it was still super cute and was watching us jump off the cliffs. By the end of this activity I was exhausted. I couldn’t and I still can’t believe I did those things.
Not long after getting back to the lodge we packed up and left. I slept most of the way back home. But I wouldn’t trade anything for the things I experienced here in Wales. I would do it all again in a heart beat.
I encourage anyone who can to do these things, to do it, don’t let anything or anyone hold you back.

Current Mood: accomplished
Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
7:42 pm
yea... today this guy came up to me and asked me if i was Polish. i told him "not really" cause he needed someone to translate something for him. i cant read or speak Polish. but it just makes me wonder. how can you tell what nationality or decent a person is. i can never really tell cause i guess i never took time to look at the differences. hmm. it was weird...

so... if you read nell's lj post she mentioned i got waisted last saturday. i did. and i had fun doing it too!

mwaa haa haa!

but i don't remember much after the last beer... i've only heard the stories that other people tell me... and all i can say is that i was really waisted.

classes started this past monday, i got so much work to do but i'm super pumped. i'm gonna learn how to make a proper corset that'll last me 20 years. and i'm gonna make a hat too in my millinery class... i need to get a thimble... ohh yea so anyway... umm... all my professors seem really nifty. like my millinery professor talked to me and holly after class about a fetish type shop and a glass vibrator. i saw the glass vibrator and some other ones later the same day cause i just needed to see it... it was the most amazing thing i ever did see!

see you homies on the flip side!!!

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Saturday, September 17th, 2005
11:34 am
msi in concert
Last night holly, Jackie and I went to see msi in concert. Almost everyone at this concert dressed up for this show, it was rather entertaining. Well anyway the concert rocked, they played songs from all of there albums and even a couple from there demo's. Jimmy was jumping around and climbing around the stage as usual. He even poured beer on peoples heads (mine included).

The show was simply awesome (like a million hot dogs)!

After the show holly and I went around to all 4 of the band peoples in the hopes of having them sign our ticket stubs. They all did and I even got to kiss jimmy and Steve. It was magical! I was surprised how late they stayed after the show to sign peoples shit and how many people jimmy was kissing. I guess that shows how much they really love there fans... that or how much they love there fans moneys!

Once we left the venue we decided we were hungry and stopped at McDonalds for a happy meal. And after we ate our fill and I played with my new beanie baby we were off again this time to hang out at Jackie’s place. Jackie has awesome stuff. She had this doll that is really cool looking and who I decided am in love with. He is even anatomically correct! She also had us listen to her Japanese Goth metal which entertained me too.

At about 1 am (the tube closes at about this time) me and holly left Jackie's place to begin our journey back home. (This is where the shit hits the fan) she gave us a map of the buss schedules and there routs so we wouldn’t get lost...

me and holly found a bus stop that clamed it went toward oxford circus (which is were we needed to go to catch the #6. so we waited. after waiting there for like about a minute these two drunk Chinese guys walk by they say hi and we say hi back. they stop and talked to us for a bit. this is how we learned that one of them had $300 American moneys and recently came back from a trip to LA. they seemed nice and said that from where we were we could walk to oxford circus they even tried to give us directions. they eventually left and we figured we would wait a little while longer but the bus never came. so we walked...

On our way we got confused and saw a bus stop so we ran toward it and asked the driver which way to oxford circus, he told us and we went on our merry way. Once we came across new oxford road we didn’t know which way to go so we just picked a way and walked. While we were walking some guys behind us started calling stuff out to us. We just walked faster and asked the first lady we saw for directions. She told us we were going the wrong way and we had to turn around to get to oxford circus. And so we walked...

While walking we stopped at another bus stop to try to figure out where we were going. this young British smoking a black cigarette started talking to me and holly and tried to help us find our way home. But I think he was too stoned to help much. So instead holly suggested that if we find the zoo bar we would be able to find the bus back home (we went to the zoo bar a couple times and know where to find the night buss that would take us back home). So the cute stoned boy tells us how to get to the zoo bar. And we walk...

We FIND the zoo bar and figure out were we need to go to get the night bus. Once at the bus stop I realize that I can’t find my travel card. (It must have fallen out of my pocket or something). So we go to the machine that dispenses bus tickets and the evil machine eats my money and doesn’t give me the ticket I so rightfully deserve! We then tell the bus driver what happened and he tells us that it is not his problem and leaves with out us...


So we decide we would go back to Lester square and hang out in one of the all night café’s until the tube reopens and then I could get another travel card. Once there we find out that the tube opens at 6 am and that it was not 3 am... so that'll mean we would have to stay up 3 more hours and we were exhausted. So this nice bouncer listened to our problem and suggested we go over to the police at the corner and tell them of our troubles...

So we did... (There hats amused me) and they said something about unfriendly London and told us to go to the mini cab office across the street, mini cab is an inexpensive cab service in London. So we go there only to discover that the office is closed and on the door has some numbers to call for another mini cab service. (We don’t have cell phones and very little money). So...

We ask a near by police officer and he told us that there was another mini cab office a couple of blocks over from where we were. And so we walked...

We didn’t find the mini cab office. We didn't want to try to find it in the dark ally ways so we went back. And on the way back some guy was trying to talk to us. I think he said something about a hotel or something.

We walked back to the same police that we talked to before, the ones on the corner. And told them what happened and then they suggested that we go back to the bus stop and try to give the bus driver the money or somehow prove to the bus driver that the machine isn’t working.

So we decide to do that. So we walked back to the bus stop and just as we got there the 6 showed up and there was a police officer on the bus. We explain to him about the machine and that it was broken and stuff. And he said that they just fixed it. So I get my ticket and me and holly get on the bus and go home.

That is the end of my adventure.

I wonder if I still smell like beer, weed and cigarettes...

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Thursday, September 15th, 2005
4:25 pm
M.S.I. is playing here in london for some odd reason... the show is tomorrow and today me and jackie went to pick up our tickets for the show. i just can't believe my luck, it's like i just happen to be here when they are touring the Europas. huh... this is so magical... i cant believe it... wow!

anyways... i'm so excited! i'll be sure to tell everyone about my adventure! i'm sure that there will be one, there always is when you are going to see a concert.

see you all on the flip side!

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