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i am not a groupie!

Yesterday started off rather normal with the class thing and the museum thing… etc… but for this particular Wednesday night both me and holly had tickets to go see the bloodhound gang… you remember them… they were the ones who had that one hit… the bad touch… mammals… discovery channel… ahh… you know who I’m talking about.

So anyway me and holly took a nap, woke up, and then got all dolled up to go see them. We got there at exactly 7, which was the time which they were opening the doors, when we get there the line to get in wrapped around the corner down a dark alleyway around another corner towards subway. It was freakishly long, and we were even amazed at how many people were going to this show on a weeknight.

But we get inside and coat checks our stuff and check out this opening band called the luck nine. They were British… or so I think… but they were really good. They were all screamo and such.

The next band was a j-rock band, Electric Eel Shock… they were all like “you bastards” they were freaking hysterical! I loved them. They were super cute and so tiny! They played a couple of black Sabbath covers. But… yea… them little j-rockers… ooooooo! They even sang in English! And they speak English very well too. Hooray for the afro wearing lead singer and the naked drummer!

And just before there set there was this kid who was all like “yea! Electric eel shock!” I started talking to him and soon me and holly became friends with all them boys and friends of them boys. They were all really interesting. There were these two boys who we hung out with the most. I think there names were Sam and Luke. Luke was really cute he had 2 lip rings… I really wanted to kiss him. He had one of them kissable faces. Both Sam and Luke kept kissing each other and playing with each others faces. They had a really odd relationship. I took a picture of Luke and Sam kissing… I hope it comes out! Holly talked to them the mostest. I do believe they liked her.

Then the bloodhound gang came on… finally! They were really funny. They were making fun of the balcony people and the people on the ground floor were all dancing and pushing and stuff! I jumped in the pit a couple of times but after my pink plastic necklace broke I sort of stopped and just danced around a bit. I really enjoyed the bloodhound gang’s sets. They were really awesome live! I got to urge all you peoples back home to go see them live! You’ll love them!

After the concert Holly lost those two boys Luke and Sam, she was really kicking herself for not getting their info (phone numbers, emails etc…) too… but whatever. So me and holly go to McDonalds and get ourselves some foods stuff and sit on the steps of Astoria eating our fries and chicken McNuggets! Then this dude walks up to me and mumbles something to me. I don’t understand so I say what? Huh? But then I realize he is trying to sell me pot! And I was all like eww! No! Go away! Which he does. Once finished with our lovely meal of greasy goodness we go out in search of random band members to get them to sign stuff!

While hanging out in the smelly alleyway waiting for the bloodhound gang to come out we meet these two other dudes who are all British and such. We hung out with them for a bit and talked about them fake British gangsters. While hanging out and waiting I got the Electric Eel Shock dudes to sign my CD thingy. The drummer guy wrote my name in Japanese. Or so he tells me… But eventually some guys leave the venue. And as it turns out one of them is the DJ for the bloodhound gang.

So one of the technicians gives me a beer and they take us to this small ass bar/club type place. They pay for our cover and we hang out with them. The DJ guy was super wasted. We tried talking to him… but… it just didn’t work. So we ended up hanging out with the drum and guitar technicians. They were both really kewl in different ways. The drummer kept teasing me… I guess I am easy to tease… but I would like to say, I AM NOT A BITCH!!! So… The drum dude was all like, let’s do shots! So I did like 1 vodka shot… and it burns. Then he bought me a beer. The guitar dude gave both me and holly guitar picks. He was straight edge, so he and holly just hung out not drinking, just talking. The dudes that we met out in the alley came and hung out for a bit but then they left.

But dude! These guys were super awesome. They had stories about all them band peoples; they apparently have been friends with the bloodhound gang guys since…well… forever… like since they were younger…oooooooo! And the drummer guy was the drummer for Visions of disorder! They both had really interesting stories to tell.

By about 2am me and holly and them dudes leave the bar to go back to where ever it was we were all going to. The guitar guy was nice and walked (well… skateboarded) me and holly to the bus stop and waited with us until the bus came. Then we said bye and went our separate ways. But before we both split holly gave the guitar dude her info so… maybe we will hang out with them today… cause after all today is there day off!

Once we got home we ended up telling Nell about our night and then we tried to do our homework. But that didn’t really work so we ended up going to sleep at around 5 am! Yea! We don’t need sleep! 2 hours is all I really need! Class this morning was really fun and dangerous because of this lack of sleep! (The skin on my fingers is falling off again) ouch! Millinery is not as easy as it sounds!
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