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butter balls! (i am not going to spell check this so deal with it)

firstly i need to say i am not gonna spell check this so every one dont strain youself tryting to read this.

this past weekend the drama kids and the other kids (fashion, and other fordham study abroad majors) went to wenchester and stone henge. stone henge was sort of amazing but also horribly boaring, there were rocks but we werent allowed near them. we had to stay on this path that circled the rocks. tessa ran up to the henge and got her picture taken of her in the henge. but soon after this man came out of nowhere and esscorted her out. but i have to say she got the bestest picture of her and the henge. after the henge we went to wenchester. now let me tell you of the beauty of this city. every thing was so old and historicly beautiful. there were flowers and a small river and these duck-swan looking birds. its such a beautiful town. we also went into the wenchester cathedral. this place has such beautiful archetecture, there were crazy amounts of carvings and such, so much details and there were bunches of people burried under the church. everywhere i walked i read on the slait the names of the people burried here. there were also these above ground stone grave like tingies. they were beautiful in a weird sort of way too. but the strangest thing that happened ever to me is when i went into the cathedral's cript i took a picture of this statue that was a distance away from me, i couldent walk into this place cause there was a spikie fence in my way so i just took a picture. but anyway when i loaded up the picture there were 5 light orbs in it. now i watch lots of them ghost story thingies so i know that these things are sighns of supernatural activity and i got really excited!

my fingers are sore, missing skin and blead for a bit. in my corsetry, draping, and millinery class i work with materials that do this to hands. lots of pin work. pins are horrible, they distroy my hands and hurt them alot. i wish they wouldnt do that. i got a thimble but it only protects one of my fingers the rest are left to fend for themselves... its so sad. and what makes it funny is that i am typing and feeling the hurting! maybe i souldnt write my paper right now maybe i sould not be looking for a cheep flight to dublin... but i want to go so badly! so ill be off for now searching for modes of transport to this place...

ooooooooooooooooooooo! im going to paris this wednesday! ill be shure to write about it and post my pictures on myspace!
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